Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Eyes and teeth

Hi again and on Monday we went into the dentist
If you eat sweets Bactria will make caves into your teeth
But if you eat healthily it won't
We all know you might like sweets but there not good for 
Things you should drink and eat:
Yoghurt (fat free) 
Sugar free drinks 
Milk (semi skimmed).
Things you should not drink and eat:
Biscuits (that means no Oreos sorry Oreo fans) 
Non sugar free drinks 
Sugar waffles.

Me and sheep tried on glasses.
The sheep style is the best style.
2 pairs of glasses make you see 100% well.
More sheep glasses baaaah masing 
Here is the effects that we used for Bottom of Legend.
Ice skating again I don't know how this came here.
When I first went onto the ice my balance was great
(NOTE:for people who have not been IS if you go 
the first time you get a bit wobbly at the start but if you
Go for weeks your balance will be great).
Check out sun on Bob please our other blog that came up🚢.

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