Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New fungus!

This is the fungus that we are growing 

Look at the light.
The sun is behind the clouds. We are looking for signs of spring.

We are walking in the ice 
BTW it is Groundhog Day if it is cloudy the groundhog jumps out of his burrow and does not see his shadow which means it's spring very soon. If he sees this shadow he waits another 6 weeks.
Here is a hazel tree which mom and Rachel coppiced last year. 
Can you see the new buds?

King Alfred's cakes again. The brown ones are younger ones. 

Then we found a new fungus of the week! It is a blushing bracket.
It lives all year round, particularly on alder trees. We were in Alder Coppice wood!

Cinnamon cookies. 

Stan's Kids, adding musical sound effects to the Psalms.

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