Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wind in the willows and other stories

Yesterday I went to the canal 

Walking is really nice but.........

The wind was better in the willows and listening to the wind in the willows.

Here are our two huevos that means eggs in spainish.

Here are my Lalaloopsy tinies decorations you can make your own  (top tip if you have no tinies use other mini toys mini lalaloopsys are a good choice).You will need mini toys no stuff like big lalaloopsys littles build a bears Lalaloopsy girls or more big toys and dolls.You will also need string tape and  scissors.1you cut some string enny length 2you get your mini toy and put tape on its head.3 Get the string and circle it.4 Put your string on the tape and then rap it.secure and then you are done
You can use them in enny ways put them on your school bag put them as hanging decoraintoins at parties make 9-12 inched doll necklaces hang them on trees etc.

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