Monday, 6 July 2015

Bob's voyage

We went on Bob the boat to Stourport. 
I was driving the boat it was so much fun........

......(JUST KIDDING) not really 
We are at BRATCH there was a delay because there wasn't enough water in the lock.
We saw a pony and a donkey and between them  the baby is called a hinny or a mule
Bob was moored at Swindon there.
We're at another lock with Lisa our crew.
Some locks where stiff some where not.
We even went to Whittington horse bridge. We were worried that Bob won't fit but he did. 
We moored outside the Bird in hand
On the map I was learning how will we get there Lisa was teaching me.
Me Rachel and Ellen went on the slide and the fair. It was so much fun.

We saw a hot air ballon see that black dot in the air.
And then this on our way back wolverly.
Back at bratch again.
Then we are in Wighwick again so you can see Bob again. You can see swans and cygnets bye.

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  1. It was the most amazing experience. I really enjoyed the locks but I couldn't have opened some of them without Sarah's help. Saw some amazing things on the canals, including baby moorhens, and some bright blue dragonflies. Can't wait for my next adventure. Xx thank you so much Elizabeth and Sarah for letting me share your journey. Xx