Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Black Country Museum

Yesterday  we went to black country museum I'm/I was writing it on my computer so no smiley faces/emoji s.    
We also looked at the .........

SWEET SHOP it was nice.
We also looked at boats (note: that is not Ernest Thomas near Bob's home that is a different Ernest that lives there).   
It was a nice time.
This is a bridge it is different bridge than a canal bridge because it goes upwards than sideways or down and 
it helps the boat go through .
That is a school a long long time ago the teachers were very strict 
We also went on a tram.
we even saw some pigs.
That is an very old house like a crooked house.
Here is some beautiful lavender it smells nice.
and this man is making chains (DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME) they used to do it in 1910 I hope you had a good time reading see you in the next post (it's our first post in September 2015 stay tuned).

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