Sunday, 13 September 2015

Locked up

One week ago we did fun activities. Tuesday we went to Chase home ed to sew. 
We also made a cape for tsum tsums (note: i am now into these toys named
tsum tsums they are like Disney characters shaped into hot dogs you can get them from the Disney store,Clintons ,Argos(merry hill), Toys R us (sometimes)and Disney store online).
See the little button on the cape.
On Wednesday we went to Bratch locks for a picnic and we saw a robin.
Then Thursday we went to Bantock house to learn a bit more about history
Bantock house was built in the 1700s
this is a picture of my colouring in.
there is also doors that open that shows you about history 
This is a Harmonium. It's an instrument in small churches
or at a rich person's home.  

on Friday we went to do the 21 Wolverhampton  locks .That is a Caterpillar. It's a tiger moth. 
it was hard work but fun.
We went on the boat after McDonalds.
the boats name was Dendera it had loads of ducks on it.
We had a nice time meeting Dave and thanks for the Ice cream.
after we went to McDonalds  it was not a bad week anyways. hope you enjoyed it

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  1. Hi Sarah
    My name is Sarah as well!! I think it's a fabulous name to have. I have read your blog and looked at your pictures- it looks like you are having a great time. My son, James, is 9 years old and his favorite flight of lock is the Wolverhampton 21....He also like McDonalds, but we have never stopped through the flight to visit the one you did- I think he will be quite envious!!
    I keep a boating blog as well- it's very exciting writing about our adventures and uploading pictures- I hope you enjoy writing yours.

    I'm looking forward to the next installment, so until then bye bye xx
    Sarah xx