Wednesday, 22 October 2014

First milestone

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want". 
Yesterday was wet and windy. We had planned a 2 mile walk along the canal, and back on the railway walk finishing at the tearoom. I suggested to Sarah that she put on her waterproof trousers. They were uncomfortable over her skirt, but she wouldn't change into leggings, so we had the choice of staying in, or going out as we were. We went out. 
After about half a mile of rain and wind, Sarah decided that we should go back, without going to the tearoom, because she'd made a bad choice in the clothing department. 

Today was a bit special because our first half tern of home education finished so quickly. I feel so happy'
Ellen's first half-term has finished today so we're done too. Although, we're not really, we'll just carry on as normal and Rachel and Ellen can join us in Home Education for a week. 
So we went on a bike ride.

We rode to Cupcake Lane and had a cakepop.

I also went on the swing.
it was so much fun.

I  love  my lemon cake
Sarah's first 100% independent cake. I got banned from the kitchen. She weighed out all the ingredients herself, mixed it all, put it in the oven, fetched it out, iced it. She's not 100% eating it. It's too nice. 


  1. wow sarah your cake that you made all on your own looks yummy!I have a daugher her name is lola and shes 6 1/2 I see you like lalaloopsy lola does too looks like you have lots of fun becky

  2. ThankYou Becky, Sarah likes to read the comments. She'd like to meet Lola too.