Thursday, 16 October 2014

In search of a vegetable patch

Sarah Green
Mum Blue
Me and Petal did some gardening.
Our aim for today was to find 2 trees hidden in the weeds. 

Cut some weeds.

Here are some potatoes WARNING: If they are green don,t eat them they are poisonous
Proof that we had a vegetable patch here 3 years ago. We also started a Playgroup/Nursery 3 years ago. Guess which one won?

yummy apples.
Found the first tree!!
Worm slipped out of my hands.
But we know what to do with that....

Chickens: yum.
Aurora looked keenest, but Flora won, only to have Persephone steal it from her beak. 
All tidy.
Well, it's better than when we started! I think there's a few more hours work in there yet. 

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