Friday, 24 October 2014

New crew

Mum = blue
Sarah = green

Today there were 2 pupils on our Home Education trip. Ellen joined us as her school had a training day. We walked up the canal towards Kingsbury Water Park, near Sutton Coldfield. We were looking for our friends Ann-Marie and Dave on their boat, Legend.

today we had a picnic in the bird hide. The big black bird is a Cormorant.Its wings act like a solar panel

Mom and Ellen going through the locks
keep boat foward of the cill marker
the cill is at the bottom of the lock gate

theese bricks at the bottom they help you get the grip at pulling lock gate.
me and Ellen on  the boat

eww yucky slime on the walls

pulling another lock gate

bye bye Legend see you again soon and thank you for a lovely ride


  1. wow sarah looks like you had fun helping,my eldest daughter who is 20 wants to live on a canal boat,my eldest son who's 22 used to love two ragdolls on televsion called rosie and jim they used to go on adventures with john:) beki + lola

  2. It was good doing the locks!