Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Getting to the bottom of the Legend

Blue: Mum
Green: Sarah
Today I was measuring inches
Sarah has an interest in measuring in inches because American dolls (ie. Loopsies) are measured in inches. 

and I had lunch until...

FUNGUS OF THE WEEK REVEALED this weeks fungus is KING ALFREDS CAKES this fungus is helpful because you can use them as fire lighters stay tuned for next weeks fungus of the week

walking on the log  was   too slippery.

We found this cool mode on mom,s phone.

We went to see Legend out of the canal.
Legend was out of the water on a slipway in Halesowen, for a survey and to have her bottom blacked. This is a tar paint to preserve the hull.

I forgot what this was again.
It is an anode. They are usually made of magnesium and it is a sacrificial piece of metal which collects the oxygen around the hull to prevent the boat rusting.

putting my finger through a hole
Don't worry, the boat hasn't sprung a leak, this is a safety hole where the gas lives, and it is above the water line.

this is the rudder which guides the boat in the right direction and the propeller which sends it through the water

me and Legend

and a double FUNGUS OF THE WEEK I dont know what it is but do you know.

At StAn's kids Val told a story about a shepherd and his sheep. At the end, a question arose about putting out the candle flame, which was the second time today that the subject of oxygen came up.  Watch this space for some science lessons. 

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  1. Very interesting example of using 'sacrificial protection' on a boat! you are learning some extremely complex science Sarah! I wonder what your next topic will be? - Bluebell :)