Wednesday, 5 November 2014

More cake!

Mum wrote the blog. 
It's been another long day! The first part of this post, up to the candles, was from yesterday.

Making firework pictures

Sarah cleared up after herself too!

We learnt more about fire, and what it needs to 'live'. We experimented with taking away the oxygen.

We used a snuffer, like Val did at StAn's Kids, only ours wasn't as pretty as Val's angel.

We brought some of Alfred's cakes back from the wood with us, after he'd burnt them. We discovered that they were too damp to light initially, so we dried them out in the oven. Then we managed to get an ember, as you can see here. Sarah kep it glowing by blowing on it gently, thus giving it more oxygen to survive.

We snuffed it out before we went out, otherwise it could have smouldered and then it would have been dangerous.

We can't keep away from Cupcake Lane! We did a 3.5 mile trip with this as our reward.

Ever since we started walking along the canals this summer, and visiting Bratch Locks, Sarah has been interested in the sign 'Keep boat forward of cill marker' which is painted at every lock. We found out what this means, with the help of Ann-Marie and Google. As you drive your boat into a lock to go down a level, behind you, the lock gate stands on a concrete slab which juts out into the lock. As the water is relased from the lock and your boat gets lower, if you are too far back in the lock, the rudder or back of the boat can get caught on the cill, with potentially disastrous consequences. Apparently this has happened 25 times in the last 10 years. 

We went to the craft shop and bought some felt to make a Loopsy dress. Sarah designed it and cut out a paper pattern before cutting out the dress and sewing it together. 

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