Monday, 17 November 2014

Locked out

Mum = Blue
Sarah = Green
We visited the Hollybush garden centre. 
Hey this is FUNGUS OF THE WEEK it is not really this fungus is a FLY AGARIC  its used in fairy stories
if you see elfs sitting on it it was not really a fungus its a Christmas decoration. 

Me and Peanut sitting on the swingy chair.

Lets have some cake and chocolate milk.

We walked down to Dimmingsdale lock because we knew that it had been closed for work to be done. This was the reason why Bratch was so quiet recently, and why there was no locksman there. We went to find out what was going on. Sarah asked the CRT (Canal & River Trust) man and he told us that they were repairing the lock to stop it leaking. This is how it was leaking before work started. 

A dam was placed further back from the lock gate (bottom left, below) and the lock had been drained to enable work to be carried out. You can see the hole (sluice) in the lock gate which is opened when you use a windlass to raise the paddle. This lets the water through to equalise the levels.
If you need further explanation on how locks work, here's a video to help.

At the bottom of the lock another dam was made to hold the water back. 

Here we could see right down to the bottom of the lock. 

This is from the bottom lock going up, where you can see the tarpaulin 'dam'. 
Before fungus of the week we had a walk home.

Here is our real FUNGUS OF THE WEEK it is might be a parasol or bonnet if you are a fungus expert you might know what is it.

No rings not sure if it is poisonous or not.

Here are two photos of the fungi
With grateful thanks to Louise Selman for your support. 


  1. Loved learning about fixing a lock, thank you for educating me on picks I found it most interesting.
    The fungi of the week looks interesting, keep me posted on if it is a poisonous one itr not so I know if I can pick it.

  2. Locks, even not picks! Sorry if I confused you. Xx