Friday, 14 November 2014

Loverly Autherley

We are at Autherley Junction in Aldersley, just behind the Poo Farm. This is a big bridge.

Here is the junction signpost. 

Some boats living here, and one puffing out a load of wood smoke. The black one at the front is for sale at £25,000. More than our pocket money.

This is where the Napton Narrowboat hire company is based. The Wolverhampton part of it, anyway, not the actual Napton bit. That's in Napton. 

A bit more of a walk along a nice peaceful canal. 

This is a bit different from your average lock. It's called a 'stop lock' and it does what it says on the tin. It stops the water from going from one canal into the other at the junction. When canals were built 250 odd years ago, they were in competition with each other and therefore didn't want precious water to pass between. There is hardly any difference in height between the 2 canals. That would be a good place to start practising putting your boat through a lock. No chance of getting caught on the cill there.  

Rose noticed a daisy. She thought it was rather late in the year for a daisy. 

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