Monday, 24 November 2014


Blue = Mum
Green = Sarah
Today we went to the German Christmas market in Birmingham

We went on a train there. Fortunately, this time we got seats.

We liked the reindeer fur. It was very soft. The man said it wasn't Rudolph, so we'll still be ok for Christmas.

My favourite scent is the cinnamon.

here is a fly agaric

Lisa came with us. She is an expert on the German market and is thinking of pitching a tent there.

There were strawberries inside the chocolate.

Back home on the train. Seated again.

"Spectacular gymnopilus"
FUNGUS OF THE WEEK here is our fungus.

We found this on a tree stump near Warstones library. It really was quite spectacular.

Here is my fungus that I designed scroll down too see it. My fungus name is called Muffin caps try and design your own fungi it can be edible poisonous be found in forests canals dead logs it can be big small mushroom caps or ink caps appear in spring summer autumn winter and late in spring summer autumn or winter if yours is edible what is the taste marshmallow muffin chocolate lemon sweet sour spicy hot cold fresh or taste like doughnuts (Mine is edible mine appears in late summer to early autumn   found in canals and  woods also tastes like muffins.) so get the printibals here. (Printouts to follow at a later date....)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for inviting me today. I had a lovely day and learnt about funghi.
    I may wait till next year to pitch a tent though. Maybe a stall with just funghi!
    Thank you for posting the picture of the lovely fungus you told me all about today.
    I think your beautiful dressing of your own fungus and maybe one day we will see one like it.
    Thank you again for a wonderful day.