Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hatton locks

Shaggy Pholiota. Did you know this is an inedible fungus well it is edible it won't poison you but it tastes kind of bitter we saw it outside Grandma's house so this is fungus of the week.
But if you look this one has fallen down.

Ellen in her angel costume its so pretty she had to wear it in her play.
Ellen literally WAS the star of the show. She sang a lovely solo. 

We painted some pine cones.

then did orange slices

and sticked cloves in it.

Here is Ashleigh the reindeer.
Also it was Ann-Marie's birthday see that sign and thank you for a lovely morning with the cheese muffins and the cookie puddings 

we went to Hatton Locks.We where so lucky to see that dragon fly I was confused if it was a grass hopper or a dragon fly. 
Me at the lock gate

I ran ran ran ran ran ran through the locks.

Until we got tired.See you on  the next post.Fun fact there was 21 locks at Hatton Locks.
I am guessing that this gate is the one which needs repairing. This flight will be closed soon to repair leakages.

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