Monday, 29 September 2014

St Barts x2

Blue: Mum
Green: Sarah

Today began with  a mammoth Spanish lesson because Sarah wanted to improve her skills. She just kept going! 
this morning at the post box because i was posting a letter to Claire at Weston park to say thank you
we went to the st bartholomews church (Penn!) for coffee morning
this is st bartholomews church in Tong Albrighton. It is a very pretty church which you can see from the A41 close to Weston Park. 
Here we  are
in the pulpit

There are lots of tombs inside the church.
It's good to see that the proceeds from the V Festival, which is very disruptive to the locals, are being put to good use. The profits also funded the new restaurant and gift shops at Weston, so they've done pretty well out of it themselves!

This is Little Nells grave she was a character in a Charles Dickens book The Old Curiosity Shop. In 1910, the vicar of the church realised that lots of people were coming to visit the place where this character had supposedly died. He built a 'grave', adding the plaque which states "The reputed grave of Little Nell". He even forged an entry in the burial register. This was very lucrative as it brought visitors from as far afield as America, at the cost of a shilling per visit to the grave.

We saw bullying ducks back at Bratch for our lunch
PE lessons are so much fun these days!

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