Monday, 8 September 2014

Having a whale of a time!

We've decided that Mum's comments will be in a different colour from Sarah's. I'm Mum, and I'm blue. We've had such a full-on day today that I'm writing the blog. We started off with Doodle Maths, and were delighted to see that Sarah's 'maths age' has improved by 6 months in the 2 months we've been doing it. Then we started our Spanish lessons. We're using 'Duolingo' for iPad, which gives you a choice of languages to learn. We've chosen Spanish because we're going to Mallorca again next Easter. 

Damson picking this afternoon was fun. So many damsons! The trees were dripping with them. This conveniently took us into icecream-on-the-Green time, shortly followed by friends-on-the-Green. Great to see Cara and Beau again! 

Then, straight from there to StAn's Kids. Here's a picture of some of the children inside the belly of the giant fish. (According to Jonah in the Bible, it was a giant fish, but then apparently Jesus didn't read the Bible properly and reported it, via Matthew, as a whale. Tut tut).  

The children made their own giant fish which then became a version of the traditional cup and ball toy. 

It was obviously great fun trying to get Jonah into the fish's tummy. 
We enjoyed prayers and songs to round it all off. Much fun was had by all. Thanks, Val, for providing our RE and crafts lessons today!

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