Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday, 15th September

Today's post is dedicated to Louise O'Sullivan.
Rachel was in Mrs O'Sullivan's class for 2 years, in Years 1 and 2. We got to know Mrs O'Sullivan well over this time, especially as her son Michael was in the same class and they often went to the same birthday parties. Often, we would sit in the balcony at the Royal School pool, or Wombourne, or somewhere else, discussing camping holidays, our children and many other things. But it was during the time that Sarah was in her class that we got to know Louise even better. We would exchange information on Sarah, usually twice daily, as Mrs O'S (as we called her) was so supportive and keen to help Sarah. At the same time, Rachel and Michael who both played the violin, were invited to play in the String Orchestra every Thursday evening. Mrs O'Sullivan very kindly offered to take Rachel there and back, as she suspected that it might be difficult for us to do this. In addition to this, though, she looked after Rachel during the time in between choir at school and orchestra. My parents and I enjoyed Louise's company during the String Orchestra's concerts too. 
As our relationship with St. Bartholomew's School had come to an end, Louise was keen to keep in touch and she had offered to continue to bring Rachel back from orchestra, so we became Facebook friends. This was something I was looking forward to very much, along with actually calling her 'Louise' instead of Mrs O'S!
The more you talk to people about Louise, the more you find out about how much she did for other people. We have all been so fortunate to have known such a lovely, kind, considerate person as Louise. 
RIP Louise O'Sullivan 16.12.64 - 20.08.2014

 Today I  went to the garden centre with grandad  and nan
   Bea went too

                                                             yum yum yum!  I  had a cookie

                               I called him bobbly owl because he bobbles
                                                 me and my new pen

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