Wednesday, 3 September 2014

First day Not At School

Starting as we mean to go on....this was our day. After Rachel and Ellen had left for school on their buses, Sarah and I started our morning tasks. Sarah has some iPad maths, and some writing work to do every morning, along with a few household jobs. Mum has housework to do. When the list is all ticked off, we can go out and do the fun stuff. 

After a summer of worrying if she'd get used to the idea of Home Education, Sarah sat here and decided that we are very, very lucky. Everyone else would be sitting in the classroom going "1 add 1, 2 add 2, a billion add a billion", when really they'd be wishing they could be outside on such a lovely sunny day. 
A bit of rock climbing. 
Lovely play area we didn't know about.
The paddling pool was a teeny bit busy with 3 other children in it!
We went to East Park with a picnic. After we'd had a lovely time there, we had a few errands to run, getting last minute bits of PE kit for the sisters, then back home, worn out. 

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