Friday, 12 September 2014

A watery day

Every morning I tidy up but! something happened, click to watch it to see what happened. 
We had enormous fun doing this. We used a 'Stop Motion' app on the iPad. For best effect, watch full screen. 
I went to the poo farm
Out of all the lovely, cultural places we could have visited on this heritage open weekend, Sarah chose Barnhurst sewage treatment works in Aldersley. 
and Petal came
This is an Archimedes screw. it brings the water up
it might be stinky
we saw wee and poo that will turn into rain 
I should point out here that we discussed the water cycle as well as the poo's journey. After the poo has been treated, it goes down the river to the sea, then evaporates into water vapour, making clouds in the sky which turn into rain.
yum a delicious cake

and also went to East park Twisty,Petal and Stumbles went swimming too. 
Please note, we are not still at the sewage farm here. 


  1. The poo farm looks amazing, Sarah, my dad used to work at barnhurst. I'm so glad you went paddling elsewhere though. Looks like you had a most excellent day. X

  2. What a brilliant thing to learn all about Sarah :-)