Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Today we had an exciting trip to Weston Park for a World War II experience day. So exciting, in fact, that Sarah is tired which is why Mum got the job of writing today's blog. We learnt about being an evacuee, so Sarah had to have a name tag, an ID card, a ration book and a box in which to put her gas mask. 
We experienced an air raid with lots of scary bangs and noises, but we were safe hiding under the furniture. We learnt that sometimes people slept in cages called Morrison shelters to protect themselves in case of an air raid at night. 
A Morrison shelter
We made our own gas mask to put into our boxes. 
Apparently, the real ones contained asbestos. Interestingly, although everyone had gas masks, they were never used because there was never a gas attack on our country. 

Here is Bea Spells-a-Lot enjoying a ride on a rocking horse.

Here is the 1940s room with lots of interesting old things, like the pram here, a huge old radio, a mangle and a treadle sewing machine just a bit newer than the one we have at home!
After all of this history, we had the whole adventure playground to ourselves, where Sarah and I made new friends in the Home Ed group. 

The zip wire was amazing! 
Many thanks to Liz Wise for organising this excellent trip. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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  1. You looked cool in your gas mask, I liked making the gas masks at Weston Park :)