Friday, 26 September 2014


Today it was WHEE! Wolverhampton Home Education Environment group in Bradmore. 
There were lots of different activities. First of all, Sarah made a bunk bed for her mini Loopsy doll out of clay. 
After this, she tried doing a drawing in invisible ink. She had to leave it to dry. 

We ate lunch, and both enjoyed our double yolk eggs!
The invisible drawing had dried so Sarah was able to go over it with a colour wash. Guess what? It's a Lala Loopsy. 
Next, we explored Continuum Mechanics with some non-Newtonian fluid. A Newtonian fluid, said Newton, is a normal one. How you'd expect a liquid to behave. Only he put it in a slightly more complicated way. Whereas a non-Newtonian fluid doesn't behave normally. 
The cornflour and water mix is solid when you squeeze it, and drips when you pour it. It can also pour in squiggly lines rather than straight down. Weird. Tomato ketchup, though still a non-Newtonian fluid, is the opposite of this, in that if you hold the bottle upside down, you can wait for ever for it to come out, but if you shake it, it comes out super fast. 

Sarah enjoyed building some very tall towers, and made some friends too as they found ways to help each other out. Excellent team work. 
With grateful thanks to Ange, Erma and Jenni for this event. 

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  1. I love that super massive tower, think it's even bigger than me. I was really impressed with the invisible drawing to.